Adonai Kush

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Adonai Kush has an impressive genetic back list, which makes it a remarkably fun and interesting plant to cultivate. Growers should be aware that because of the Super Silver Haze and Sweet Tooth #3 background via Silvertooth, this plant really yields an enormous amount of bud for an indica-dominant. Be aware that because of the big buds that appear on this plant, Adonai Kush will prefer a dryer finishing time to prevent mold from developing. Similarly, because of the high yield and heavy flowers, be sure to stake these plants well, especially if growing outdoors in a windy location. The sturdy Russian Kush genetics provide a lot of toughness and reliability to the plant, so Adonai Kush is very hardy and works great as a commercial grower's strain, or as some delicious head stash.


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