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Natural Materials Unlimited - Hawai‘i Kai, HI

We are looking for experienced sales people who have interest in the Tobacco Novelties - headshop - Marijuana industries. If you know nothing about these industries please don't apply. We are look for some cool, laid back people that can smile. I want to hire the person that has potential to take my own job from me.

We are a factory that produces a very popular, profitable and legal product that is a natural alternative to butane lighters.

We are a company that focuses on sustainable products that are truly earth friendly. Sales of our products even go to fund research into Honey Bee diseases!

This is a commission based sales job. We will provide you with a basic listing of stores in your state. It is obviously not a complete list but it is a good start to get some commission rolling in for you. Commission is paid once per month. The rates for commission are between 10%-30%

We are really looking for great sales people that have great positive energy. You have to be willing to work along and work without us telling you what to do. We also have a great training team and website in place for training.

We use a great communication tool so that all of us can talk to each other about what is and is not working in our industry.

Our key product is hemp wick. If you use hemp wick and love it you might be hired for your passion even if you have never been in sales.

We also have access to thousands of other products for you to represent as well but hemp wick is the pillar of this job offer. If you don't know what it is good it before you decided to waste our time trying. If you are a disabled veteran you will be moved to the top of the list for hiring.

Required experience:

  • Sales: 1 year

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