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Dark Heart Industries - Oakland, CA

Since 2007 Dark Heart Nursery (DHN) has specialized in cultivating high quality clones for growers across northern California. Our years of experience allow us to produce premium clones from both popular and emerging genetic lines that perform well in a variety of settings.

Our propagators are the core members that keep this business running. As a propagator one is responsible for producing the quality clones that we have built our reputation on. Daily tasks include pulling clones, pruning stock moms, processing cuttings and cleaning. All tasks require a high level of attention to detail, a focus on quality, and an ability to work well in a team.

We follow LEAN manufacturing principals on a daily basis on our quest for perfection which requires all team members to constantly be thinking of ways to improve our processes and eliminate waste. These ideas are discussed as a team on a biweekly basis and input from all is encouraged. Lean empowers propagators to identify and solve problems in production as a team which results in healthier, happier, more productive nursery.

Our nursery runs on a 7 day schedule and propagators work 4, ten hour shifts, comfortable shoes and the ability to stand for at least 2 hours is a must.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

1. Processing Cuttings (18%)
Maintaining quality control at all times
Measuring cuttings to correct length and slicing
Pricking cuttings into rooting media
Setting up and cleaning up stations

2. Pulling rooted Cuttings (18%)
Following protocol pull through rooted cuttings, checking for leaf damage, root quality and pests.
Watering cuttings
Sort through different strains, maintaining focus, high organization skills

3. Pruning (18%)
Prune plants for optimal growth

4. Watering (5%)
Occasional stock mom watering
Water cuttings while rooting

5. Cleaning (18%)
Washing pots, trays and buckets
Sweeping and mopping floors and benches

6. Transplanting (18%)
Maintain focus and organization while working with different strains. proper plant staking and watering

7. Data entry (5%)

Job Requirements, Qualifications & Education: 

  • Degree in botany, horticulture, plant and soil sciences or similar field looked upon favorably.
  • Familiar with LEAN manufacturing concepts
  • Knowledge Requirements (licenses, programs, or certifications):
  • Good communications skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Must have a passion for horticulture and / or marijuana production
  • QAC (not required, but highly favored)
  • Experience:
  • Ideal candidate will have some horticultural experience, preferably in clonal propagation, and /
  • or experience in the medical marijuana industry

Physical Requirements: 

  • Ability to lift 25 pounds regularly, and 50 pound infrequently.
  • Ability to be on feet for 2 hours at a time.

Other Requirements: 

  • Enjoy working in a team
  • Comfortable with open communication\
  • Able to work in a production like setting, able to do repetitive tasks all day
  • High attention to detail and able to remain focused for 10 hours
  • Must be a hard worker
  • Bring a positive attitude to work, negativity is contagious

Other Information

  • Operate on a 4-10 schedule.
  • Must be comfortable with pesticide use, not an organic nursery

Required experience:

  • Cannabis,Horticulture, Production: 2 years

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