Full-Time Nursery Technician Posted By: Admin    2015-May-26

Job Description

Seeking RELIABLE nursery technician to assist with basic garden work such as watering large plants by hand, cutting clones, transplanting, and routine maintenance tasks.  No experience necessary, we will provide all the necessary training. 

Applicants should be:

1. In good physical condition with no medical problems or disabilities that could be made worse by light labor, i.e. Garden work.
2. Reliable, punctual and hard-working.
3. Willing to sign a Non-disclosure agreement
4. Able to work between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM at least 4 days a week.
5. Have Access to reliable transportation.  We are NOT accessable by BART. 

Compensation will be $15 dollars an hour with opportunities for advancement within the company; including salary raises, management positions, and health benefits for employees who complete training. 


How to Apply

Click here to send me an e-mail.    Introduce yourself and explain why you would make a good nursery technician.  Please include any relevant industry experience, including any projects you may have undertaken by yourself.   Be sure to include your contact information and availability.   Keep in mind that this is a general labor position so any experience with labor based jobs such as landscaping or building construction can help you stand out.  Management experience is also a plus.   Finally, tell me what you would do if you won a million dollars.   Keep in mind that a major part of your job is following instructions...

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