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We are an entrepreneurial and growing company seeking a General Manager in the Marijuana Industry. The successful candidate will assist us in establishing and managing a new production facility and producing new marijuana-infused edible product lines. It is our goal to produce a range of high quality and differentiated goods that will be sold both through our retail operations as well as through our existing wholesale distribution. Preference will be given to the candidate with applicable food service experience, with further consideration given to experience producing marijuana-infused edibles.

We are looking for a key individual to complement and grow with our team. The General Manager will be responsible for all facets of the business, including production, marketing, sales, and financial performance. At early stages the General Manager will have to establish procedures for various functions of the business and will be expected to perform these tasks as necessary. He/She must exhibit strong leadership skills, be a motivated self-starter with high standards, and have demonstrated experience developing and adhering to budget controls. The successful candidate will have proven methods of creating efficiencies, establishing processes, and maintaining consistently high quality as production levels increase. The General Manager will be able to show examples of problem solving, creating and validating systems and check points, and have consistently met or exceeded expectations.

Our team’s compensation philosophy is to pay a competitive wage or salary for a position and relative to applicable qualifications with incentive-based elements that can provide substantial upside for the motivated, goal-oriented team member. In this context, edibles comprise about 10% of the medical marijuana market in Arizona but 30% to 40% in other markets. Our strategies aim to both capture market share and drive growth in the edibles market, and the successful candidate that exploits this opportunity will be rewarded.

Responsibilities for establishing operations include:
• Developing specifications and completion of the production facility;
• Daily oversight of any necessary capital improvements including utilities, equipment, furnishings, and fixtures;
• Developing job descriptions and recruiting, hiring, and training staff; and
• Creating and implementing a marketing and sales strategy;
• Assisting in the development of the initial product offering and merchandising.

The General Manager will oversee all day-to-day aspects of the ongoing operations including:
• Compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations regarding food handling and production as well as any additional sanitation efforts deemed necessary;
• Compliance with local and state regulations regarding medical marijuana;
• Procurement of necessary supplies and inputs;
• Staffing;
• Ongoing development of products and merchandising;
• Consistency and quality assurance;
• Adhering to established budgets and P&L responsibility;
• Ensuring a safe and positive work environment for all of our employees;
• Working with our executive team to ensure all related corporate goals are being met.

Qualifications include:
• A knowledge of applicable rules and regulations;
• Experience supervising staff and managing a food processing facility;
• Fluency in English and proficiency in Microsoft Office;
• An entrepreneurial spirit and motivation;
• Applicable education.

• Proficiency with extraction techniques is not required for this position;
• Proof of concept for our initial catalog of products is established.

If you meet these qualifications and are interested please submit a cover letter and resume to

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