Exp. Office/Tender for Collective Full-Time Posted By: Admin    2015-May-26

Job Description

Our Company: New Life Wellness 


compensation: Minimum starting pay $10.00 Hr + Bonus compensations

NewLife Wellness is a non profit organization. We are seeking a Female for Part time/Full time position. Front office as well as bud tending ( Flower room ) Someone who has knowledge in different strains and doing weights as well as knowledge in edible products…GOOD KNOWLEDGE BASE AND GOOD IN SALES… : ).
Someone who has knowledge in this industry and a true advocate for this new natural alternative to medication. Most of our patient members are terminally ill clients/patient members, which include Cancer and HIV and we truly care for our patient members and their needs.

Job Description:

New Life Wellness is seeking an experienced professional to perform daily office tasks and assist our patient members. We need an experienced person to work the front and back office, need to be experienced with 420soft software program as well as experienced in the medical marijuana industry. The ideal candidate will have significant small office management experience, preferably with non-profits, be self-motivated, a team player, highly detail-oriented, well organized, able to prioritize varying assignments and have good communications skills. A+ Candidates should be proficient with office computer applications including Microsoft Word, and Excel. The ideal candidate will demonstrate interest and passion in the medical marijuana industry and compassion for our terminally ill patient members and their needs…. A true advocate !

    How to Apply

    Please contact Rebecca @ 562-726-9011.

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