Keith Richards is Still Rolling Stoned After All These Years

2015-07-28 18:57:24

But regardless of the vicious rumors that have been formed over the years regarding the guitarist and co-founder of the band the Rolling Stones (like he’s actually a booze-consuming robot), he has ceased partaking in all his vicious vices with the exception of two, cannabis and alcohol.

In fact, other than his regular consumption of the good-good and the occasional sip of alcohol, Richards claims that “I’m pretty straight”.

Not only did the not-quite-ready-for-a-wheelchair-rock-star say he enjoys a regular puff of the sticky stuff, but he was quick to point out that he prefers to obtain his supply from a certain region of the United States.

Here’s what Keith told MOJO magazine:

I smoke regularly, am early morning joint. Strictly Californian.

Kudos to the growers in Cali. That’s quite the endorsement, right?

Rock on and toke on, Keith!

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