Former Boy Band Star to Invest in Marijuana Grow Operation

2015-07-27 15:23:47

From teenage heartthrob to ganjapreneur?


It looks as if former boy band star Nick Lachey wants to join the growing list of celebrities attempting to cash-in on the legal weed biz.

That’s if the pro-legalization organization ResponsibleOhio’s efforts to legalize weed in their state are indeed successful.

Said group is attempting to have an issue placed on the November 3 ballot that would legalize marijuana for medical and personal use by adults 21 years or older.

The only caveat with the legislation is that it would create a marijuana retailing monopoly with only 10 marijuana cultivation centers allotted for the entire state.

As with any cash strapped state in the U.S., legalizing marijuana could be the answer.

Here’s what ResponsibleOhio Executive Director Ian James had to say at a press conference on Tuesday in regards to the potential revenue that the legalization of marijuana would offer:

We would prefer to fill potholes with pot money.

Better yet, let’s fill those potholes with something far superior to asphalt, hempcrete!

Good luck, Ohio.

We’re rooting for your state regardless of the impending retail monopoly that the bill would bring.

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